Healthy Living Collaborative Two-Pager

The Healthy Living Collaborative of Southwest Washington has come together to help create conditions that are more likely to encourage people to make choices that lead to good health. This two page document describes the Healthy Living Collaborative's approach and successes since its formation in 2012 

HLC Two Pager_2014.pdf

Moving Community Prevention Forward

Julie Peterson, our Senior Director of Policy, was one of five speakers for the Public Health Institute’s ‘Dialogue4Health’ project to present on their webinar “Moving Community Prevention Forward: New Funding Opportunities to Advance Community Health and Equity.” This webinar discusses strategies and efforts to build a system of prevention and clinical integration and ways to advance health equity through community engagement. 

Check it out here!

Prevention Webinar PPT_2014.pdf

Healthy Living Collaborative of SW Washington 2014 Policy Platform

Policy, Systems, and Environmental Strategies Platform for Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania, and Wahkiakum Counties

The Healthy Living Collaborative of Southwest Washington is composed of a diverse group of community partners from Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania, and Wahkiakum counties who work to reduce and prevent chronic disease and associated risk factors. They do this by promoting policy, systems, and environmental changes that create and support healthy communities.   This document outlines the Collaborative’s current focus and opportunities for future work in the following priority areas: Active Living, Healthy Eating, Tobacco-Free Living & Community Linkages.
SW WA Coalition_final.pdf

No Smoking Resource Guide

Landlords play a vitally important role in the movement to provide safe and healthy housing. This No Smoking Resource Guide for Landlords with Section 8 Tenants discusses the benefits of going smoke-free and how to get started implementing a no-smoking policy.


No Smoking Resource 2014.pdf

Community Health Worker White Paper: Executive Summary

The time is opportune for Washington State to develop and grow its community health worker (CHW) workforce. CHWs are frontline public health workers who help individuals and communities overcome barriers to health care and health status improvement. They speak the same language and belong to the same culture as the communities they serve. As trusted community members, CHWs leverage peer-to-peer relationships to: (1) create more effective linkages between communities and health care systems, (2) provide health education and information, (3) assist and advocate for underserved individuals to receive appropriate services, (4) provide informal counseling, (5) directly address basic needs, and (6) build community capacity to address health issues.

2013 CHW Executive Summary_Healthy Gen.pdf