Julie Peterson, Senior Director of Policy, sought to provide a training experience designed to teach individuals how to be successful policy advocates with their state legislators. Motivated by a request from youth advocates at Prevention Policy Day for on-going, on-demand advocacy training materials and resources, Healthy Gen coordinated with youth advocates and adult advisors to produce four video vignettes and accompanying guides, tools, and reinforcing resources focusing on why and how to effectively advocate state policymakers.

Practical skills and knowledge include:

• why youth advocacy matters,

• how to effectively advocate,

• how to explain and defend your position,

• how to meet with your state legislator, and

• how to testify before the legislature.

Engaging youth in the actual process of civic advocacy, even before they are able to vote, raises an often unheard voice. The training promotes knowledge of and interest in civic decision-making systems, while also requiring government to pay attention to its young constituents. We believe all Washingtonians should be engaged in civic life and receive the necessary support to do so.


Hannah Stewart, Youth Advocate Extraordinaire
Connecting to Compassionate Aspiring Navigators (CCAN) A.C. Davis High School, Yakima, WA


View our Youth Advocacy Guide and additional resources or contact us to learn more.

Pro Tip 1: Tell Your Story

Pro Tip 2: Prepare Yourself

Pro Tip 3: Presenting to Lawmakers

Pro Tip 4:  Follow-up!

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