2015 Session Cutoff Calendar draft

At a certain point during the Session a "cutoff" date is established for bills to be considered in Committee of the Whole. Absent some extraordinary circumstance, bills still in committee or otherwise missing this cutoff will generally receive no further action during the session. This is the 2015 Session Cutoff Calendar draft until the Legislature adopts formal cutoff dates for the 2015 Session. When it becomes available it can be found here: http://leg.wa.gov/legislature/pages/cutoff.aspx


2015 Session Cutoff Calendar.pdf

Health Policy News - January 13, 2015

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Health Policy News for the 2015 Regular Session of the Washington State Legislature. 

The legislature convened at noon on Monday, January 12th and in the next 105 days will tackle many significant issues, including the McCleary State Supreme Court case on education. The McCleary case directs legislators to boost education by billions of dollars by the 2017-18 school year, or face sanctions.

In this week's Health Policy News you will find helpful 2015 Session links for bill tracking, committee meeting schedules, and bill summary and activity reports. We'll be bringing you updates on issues and bills we're tracking throughout this Legislative Session. 

Health Policy News You Can Use 1-13-15.pdf

Ron Sims Keynote Address: Health Equity

Chair of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange Board, Ron Sims keynotes at our 2014 conference, Coalescing for Change: Community Based Health Solutions.   Ron discusses the importance of health equity, systems change, and affordable health care for healthy communities and healthy generations.

Laura Porter Keynote Address: NEAR Science & WA State Resilience Findings

Laura Porter explores Washington state data related to NEAR science & new Resilience factor findings.  

NEAR science is a cluster of science that stands for Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACEs, and Resilience. This cluster gives us a more whole picture of the experiences over the lifecourse and over generations. 

Laura directs the Learning Institute for Foundation for Healthy Generations. She oversees analysis of ACE and resilience data from Washington youth and adults, and works with local and state leaders to embed developmental neuroscience and resilience findings into policy, practice and community norms.   Laura is an award winning public servant who is best known for directing systemic improvements to the child and family serving system in Washington. For 17 years Laura worked with Washington State officials and community and Tribal leaders to embed ACE Study and related neuroscience and resilience findings into policy, practice and community norms. Laura and her colleagues developed a unique model for improving the capacity of communities to deliver stunning results for a small investment. Communities using the model have documented reductions in the rates of seven major social problems and Adverse Childhood Experience scores among young adults.

2014 Coalescing for Change: Community Based Health Solutions PowerPoints & Resources

Want to review PowerPoints & handouts from the conference? We will make sure to update as we receive more materials, but below is a list to get you started! You can use the conference agenda to navigate to workshop resources, just click on the workshop titles on pages 3-7 for links to the PowerPoints used!

In the meantime, we encourage you to continue the conversation online at our collaborate site. Discuss learnings, connect with other conference attendees, or post your own resources & notes from the conference!


Better Health Better Care Lower Costs - Housing & Health PPT.pdf Bob-e Simpson Epps - Telling Our Stories Our Way.pdf Bruce Anderson MRA - Sustaining Hope & Resilience.pdf CHWs Same Foundation Different Models PPT.pdf Colleen Kraft - Science of Early Brain and Child Development.pdf Community Based CHWs - Bringing Community Voice to Decision Makers Presenter Contact.pdf Community Based CHWs - Bringing Community Voice to Decision Makers References.pdf Community Based CHWs - Bringing Community Voice to Decision Makers.pdf Community Based Prevention - Beyond the Health Care PPT.pdf Community Health Workers - Making it Real.pdf Dr Ungar Handouts - 9 Things Children Need-Sept 17 2014.pdf Dr Ungar Handouts - Systemic Approaches to Nurturing Resilience.pdf Home Visiting Workshop.pdf Innovative Models of Collaboration - Healthy Living Collaborative PPT.pdf Innovative Models of Collaboration - Thurston Thrives PPT.pdf James Caringi - ACEs, System Change & Secondary Stress.pdf Co-Creating in the Era of Collaboration.pdf Laura Porter - NEAR Flourishing.pdf Intro to Rural WA Health Care.pdf Power of PSE Coalition.pdf Tina Rosenberg - Power of Peers PPT.pdf Deborah Gray - Attachment & the Brain's Executive Functioning.pdf Creating a Community Wide Resilience Initiative PPT.pdf Agenda_Final_Reduced Size.pdf Power of Networks Miruna Petrescu.pdf David Janka - Intro to Design Thinking.pdf