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We coordinate this broad collaboration between cross sector  groups representing transportation, healthy eating, tobacco prevention, school-based clinics, local coalitions, housing, and local health departments. The Prevention Alliance incubates PSE (policy, systems and environmental) strategies for local and statewide health improvements.

We recognize that working and strategizing together is the only way to improve the future health of Washington communities.


Governor Inslee to Sign Bill Regulating E-Cig Products

With the new emergence of e-cigarette devices, we have seen children poisoned by the liquids used for e-cigs, and use of the devices on the rise among youth. 

Senate Bill 6328 brings statewide regulation and enforcement to a nearly unregulated e-cigarette market, strengthening protections against the sale of these harmful products to youth. 

ESSB 6328 will also: 

  • Mandate child resistant packaging and prohibit the sale of e-cig products from open display cases where kids can grab them. We know that these liquids are very dangerous to children, even a drop or two can poison a young child!
  • Double the fines for selling tobacco products to minors, the first increase in 23 years and it pays for enforcement, prevention and education.
  • Prohibit vaping in child care centers, elevators, playgrounds, school buses, schools and 500 feet from schools.
  • Healthy Gen is proud to have provided support and coordination to the many advocates working on this issue!

We're absolutely honored to announce that this historic bill was signed by Governor Jay Inslee on 4/19 at the Science of HOPE.

Tap Water Brief

This issue brief identifies existing efforts and potential strategies to support increasing access to tap water in schools. 

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