Smoke Free Housing

From public dwellings to private apartment buildings, tenants need to protect their health and landlords want to protect their investments.

Smoking is a serious problem for residents of public housing – not just the people who smoke, but for their children and neighbors who are impacted by second-hand smoke. As reported in "The Health Consequences of Smoking-50 Years of Progress, A Report of the Surgeon General," exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke has been causally linked to cancer, respiratory, and cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and to adverse effects on the health of infants and children.

It’s also a problem for landlords. Smoking results in increased maintenance costs for unit renovation, and is a frequent cause of fires resulting in property loss, injury, and death.

Learn how to transition your building into being smoke-free.

Governor Inslee to Sign Bill Regulating E-Cig Products

With the new emergence of e-cigarette devices, we have seen children poisoned by the liquids used for e-cigs, and use of the devices on the rise among youth. 

Senate Bill 6328 brings statewide regulation and enforcement to a nearly unregulated e-cigarette market, strengthening protections against the sale of these harmful products to youth. 

ESSB 6328 will also: 

  • Mandate child resistant packaging and prohibit the sale of e-cig products from open display cases where kids can grab them. We know that these liquids are very dangerous to children, even a drop or two can poison a young child!
  • Double the fines for selling tobacco products to minors, the first increase in 23 years and it pays for enforcement, prevention and education.
  • Prohibit vaping in child care centers, elevators, playgrounds, school buses, schools and 500 feet from schools.
  • Healthy Gen is proud to have provided support and coordination to the many advocates working on this issue!

We're absolutely honored to announce that this historic bill was signed by Governor Jay Inslee on 4/19 at the Science of HOPE.

Webinar - E-cigarettes and Vaping: What You Need to Know

E-cigs and Vaping: What You Need to Know (February 19, 2015)
Presentations from:
  • Dr. Jessica K. Pepper, Center for Regulatory Research on Tobacco Communication, University of North Carolina
  • Deb Drandoff, Assistant Director, Prevention & Youth Services, Washington State ESD 112 
  • Paul Davis, Tobacco Prevention & Control and Marijuana Education, WA State Department of Health
  • Ron Oldham, Moderator

If you are interested in participating in a learning community focused on the science and policy impacts of e-cigarettes and vaping, please click on this link and sign up for further conversations. 


Watch it here:

E Cigs Vaping Webinar Feb 19 2015 Final

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E-cigs and Vaping: What You Need to Know

Case Study: Advancing No-Smoking Policies in Public Health

Case Study Focus: Washington State has been advancing no-smoking policies in Public Housing Authorities since 2009. This is in large part due to quality, collaborative partnerships involving the Washington State Department of Health, Foundation for Healthy Generations (Healthy Gen), the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of the National Association of Housing, and Redevelopment Officials (PNRC-NAHRO), the Association of Washington Housing Authorities (AWHA), Public Housing Authorities, and local health departments.  

Foundation for Healthy Generations (Healthy Gen) was funded by the Department of Health in 2011 to lead efforts with public housing authorities to create changes in systems that improve the health of residents, including the creation of no-smoking policies. As of 2014, 32 of the 38 Public Housing Authorities in the state have at least one or more properties covered by a no-smoking policy. This includes 34,174 of a total of 38,844 public housing units in Washington State. In 2009, only 4 public housing authorities, with a total of 834 units, had a no-smoking policy in place. The advancement of no-smoking policies currently impacts about 82,000 residents of public housing authorities throughout the state. Twenty-eight (28) of the 32 Public Housing Authorities with no-smoking policies cover 100 percent of their properties. At least 19 Public Housing Authority no-smoking policies are considered comprehensive.


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Webinar - E-cigarettes and Vaping: What You Need to Know


Smoke-Free Housing
E-Cigs and Vaping: 
What You Need to Know
free webinar
Please register for
 E-Cigs & Vaping: What You Need to Know
February 19, 2015, 10:30 AM PST
Does it seem like everything changes so quickly in today's world? Just when you thought you had a handle on your No Smoking policies, along came technology with e-cigarettes & vaping!
These devices seem to be everywhere, but there is not a lot of consensus about what, if anything, rental property owners, including housing authorities, ought to do about them. In an effort to increase understanding and provide as much information about vaping & e-cigarettes as is currently available, Foundation for Healthy Generations, through funding from the WA Department of Health, will be offering a free, one-hour webinar with knowledgeable experts who will share what is known about vaping & e-cigarettes and how they may affect your housing community.
The webinar will also offer an opportunity for you to submit questions, and will be archived so that those unable to participate "live" during the presentation will be able to access the information at a later date. 
After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Jessica Pepper, PhD  

Dr. Jessica K. Pepper, 

Center for Regulatory Research on Tobacco Communication,

University of North Carolina


Deb Drandoff, ESD 112  

Deb Drandoff, 

Assistant Director, Prevention & Youth Services, 

Educational Service District 112


Paul Davis, Washington State Department of Health  

Paul Davis, M.S., 

Manager, Tobacco Prevention & Control and Marijuana Education

WA State Department of Health
Ron Oldham, PNRC-NAHRO
Ron Oldham,
Management Consulting Services,
Webinar Moderator
Previous Smoke-Free Webinars
These are difficult times for Local Housing Authorities in terms of funding & staff capacity, however enforcement of adopted policies, especially a no smoking policy, is critical.
No Smoking Policies for Section 8 Landlords
Why involve Section 8 staff in encouraging no smoking policies?


No Smoking Resource Guide

Landlords play a vitally important role in the movement to provide safe and healthy housing. This No Smoking Resource Guide for Landlords with Section 8 Tenants discusses the benefits of going smoke-free and how to get started implementing a no-smoking policy.


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