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Creating lasting improvements in health equity means understanding legislation and policy. Our work on the health policy forefront has significantly advanced safe and drug-free schools, school health and fitness standards in schools, provided critical advisement to elected officials, and effectively mobilized Washington citizens in service of policies that support prevention.

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2015 Session Cutoff Calendar draft

At a certain point during the Session a "cutoff" date is established for bills to be considered in Committee of the Whole. Absent some extraordinary circumstance, bills still in committee or otherwise missing this cutoff will generally receive no further action during the session. This is the 2015 Session Cutoff Calendar draft until the Legislature adopts formal cutoff dates for the 2015 Session. When it becomes available it can be found here:


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2015 Session Cutoff Calendar.pdf

Health Policy News - January 13, 2015

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Health Policy News for the 2015 Regular Session of the Washington State Legislature. 

The legislature convened at noon on Monday, January 12th and in the next 105 days will tackle many significant issues, including the McCleary State Supreme Court case on education. The McCleary case directs legislators to boost education by billions of dollars by the 2017-18 school year, or face sanctions.

In this week's Health Policy News you will find helpful 2015 Session links for bill tracking, committee meeting schedules, and bill summary and activity reports. We'll be bringing you updates on issues and bills we're tracking throughout this Legislative Session. 

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Health Policy News You Can Use 1-13-15.pdf

Moving Community Prevention Forward

Julie Peterson, our Senior Director of Policy, was one of five speakers for the Public Health Institute’s ‘Dialogue4Health’ project to present on their webinar “Moving Community Prevention Forward: New Funding Opportunities to Advance Community Health and Equity.” This webinar discusses strategies and efforts to build a system of prevention and clinical integration and ways to advance health equity through community engagement. 

Check it out here!

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