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Creating lasting improvements in health equity means understanding legislation and policy. Our work on the health policy forefront has significantly advanced safe and drug-free schools, school health and fitness standards in schools, provided critical advisement to elected officials, and effectively mobilized Washington citizens in service of policies that support prevention.

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Health Policy News - March 2, 2015

It's Health Policy News for the eighth week of the legislative session. We have passed the second cutoff for bills to move from their fiscal committees (Ways and Means, Appropriations and Capital Budget).  Now we watch bills pulled from the Rules Committee and moved to the floor for debate and vote. The next cutoff is March 11th for bills to move from their House of Origin. For this and more, click on the link below.


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Health Policy News - February 16, 2015

We are entering the sixth week of the legislative session and Friday, February 20th is the first cutoff. Cutoff dates are deadlines established by the Legislature within the sixty or 105 day session by which certain actions much be taken. The first cutoff is referred to as policy cutoff. This is the deadline for bills to be passed out of policy committees in their house of origin. Bills then move on to fiscal committees or the Rules committee. For what we're watching this week and more, check out this weeks' Health Policy News You Can Use!

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Health Policy News - February 9, 2015

We are entering the fifth week of the legislative session, and the pace is very busy. Another "hot issue" the legislature is grappling with this session is marijuana. There are competing plans to reconcile medical and recreational marijuana markets and dozens of bills about the topic this session. 

In this weeks' Health Policy News we introduce you to a few of the Marijuana bills that may be of interest or concern to the prevention community. 

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Health Policy News - February 2, 2015

Things are really getting busy this fourth week of the legislative session; one very hot topic among our legislators is e-cigarettes and vaping! There are a total of 6 current bills under consideration that we list below under "E-cigarettes/Vaping."

We hope that you were able to view the presentation to the Joint House Education and Health Care & Wellness Committee works session on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and statewide academic achievement by Christopher Blodgett PhD, from Washington State University's Area Health Education Center.

Plus more resources for the legislative season, and what we're watching for this week! 

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Community Health Workers at the 2015 Legislative Session

Great presentation to the House Health Care & Wellness committee from Kathy Burgoyne, Healthy Gen's Senior Director of Applied Research, and Community Health Worker, Ophelia Noble, from the amazing SW Healthy Living Collaborative. Bringing the heart and science of the amazing work Community Health Workers do everyday to our state's policymakers.

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