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Authentic partnerships and coalitions are key to success. Complex social issues like creating enduring health equity outpace the ability of any one organization to solve them. True collective action requires technical support and expertise that prioritizes community ownership of the work while being grounded in what is known and what works.

Creating and supporting active feedback looks and rapid learning cycles between community, leading edge science and decision makers is critical to creating enduring change.

A Better Way

Learn more about our Framework for Community Based Health in this snappy little animaition (we recommend turning on the sound for more details on our approach). Animation and graphics by Lucy Woodworth.

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A Better Way

Healthy Living Collaborative

The Healthy Living Collaborative (HLC), believes positive change comes from building multi-sector partnerships that acknowledge the complex drivers of health in the modern world, then authentically connecting that collective impact infrastructure to community quality of life and community wisdom.

The HLC's members include health care, public health, social services, education, faith, a tribal nation, housing services, transportation, private enterprise, and more. On the strength of this diverse membership, the HLC mobilizes our communities around the key issues, creating a path for local solutions to be actualized by health systems and community organizations working in deliberate and focused partnership with the people who live in the most vulnerable communities.

The HLC is built from the ground up to align policy and systems work with community-led initiatives in order to transform partnerships, seeking change into movements that create it. For this there is a three-fold approach:

1. Focus on Community Based Engagement and Prevention
2. Build an Infrastructure for Collective Impact
3. Build Health into All Policies and Services

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HOPE Happens Newsletter, July 14, 2016

Here at Healthy Gen we continue to find inspiration and hope in the incredible work being done every day, by many of you, to create enduring health equity. As you know, it's not easy work but it's important and critical work if we are to create the just, equitable and healthy world we all want to leave for our children...  

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Congratulations HLC Community Health Worker graduates!

Congratulations Community Health Worker Graduates!

February 23rd was a very big day for 26 graduates who had undergone 8 weeks of serious training with the Multnomah County Capacitation Team to become Community Health Workers. Words of encouragement were given by Lisa Miller who had emigrated from Haiti at the age of 7 and learned to advocate for herself in the realm of health and education even though she did not speak any English at that time. Today she considers herself to be a “translator” for others who find themselves in a similar situation. Following graduation CHWs will commence their work in their local neighborhoods of Rose Village in Clark County, Kelso in Cowlitz County, and remote areas of Waihkakum County. Coaching and training will continue made possible by a grant from Meyer Memorial.

CHW Graduate Ophelia Noble credits the coaches for their great training
CHW Ophelia Noble 

Healthy Living Collaborative - Current State Policy Agenda

State Policy Agenda

Recent Health Policy Support & Success Initiatives
  • Safe Streets – Speed Reduction
  • Healthier Next Generation
  • Invest $500,000 in the Farmers Market Nutrition Program (helps low-income seniors, new moms and young children buy fresh produce directly from 560 Washington farmers through the Farmers Market Nutrition Programs)

1. Support state Capitol budget funds for necessary infrastructure in schools for clean tap water fountains.

2. Support state Capitol budgerpt funds for necessary infrastructure in schools to support cooking of school meals on site.

3. Increase state funding for the Safe Routes to Schools Program.

4. Support E-Cigarette strategies, which restricts access to youth (restricting advertising, definition of E-Cigarettes, licensing retailers).

5. Support the creation of a new Medicaid benefit in Washington to cover the case management and tenancy support services outline in Permanent Supportive Housing.

Healthy Living Collaborative of SW Washington 2014 Policy Platform

Policy, Systems, and Environmental Strategies Platform for Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania, and Wahkiakum Counties

The Healthy Living Collaborative of Southwest Washington is composed of a diverse group of community partners from Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania, and Wahkiakum counties who work to reduce and prevent chronic disease and associated risk factors. They do this by promoting policy, systems, and environmental changes that create and support healthy communities.   This document outlines the Collaborative’s current focus and opportunities for future work in the following priority areas: Active Living, Healthy Eating, Tobacco-Free Living & Community Linkages.

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