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Complex social issues like building healthy communities outpace the ability of any one organization to solve them. We offer emerging and established collaborative groups the backbone support and infrastructure needed to ensure proper fiscal management of grants and donations so that they can keep their energy focused on their core work.

Healthy Living Collaborative (HLC) of Southwest Washington 

The Healthy Living Collaborative, believes positive change comes from building multi-sector partnerships that acknowledge the complex drivers of health in the modern world, then authentically connecting that collective impact infrastructure to community quality of life and community wisdom. The HLC is built from the ground up to align policy and systems work with community-led initiatives in order to transform partnerships seeking change into movements that create it. For more information, visit their website

Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition (COPC)

Now starting its seventh year, The Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition (COPC) and its 48 member organizations advocate for change to build a healthier generation for Washington. COPC is a coalition of organizations working on improving our overall environment so our children live a healthy, active lifestyle. For more information visit their website

Washington State Public Health Association (WSPHA)

Washington State Public Health Association is a non-profit organization that believes Washington can be a place where all people have an equal chance to be healthy. For nearly 80 years, WSPHA has convened those who care about the public’s health to share ideas and take action to achieve a healthier Washington. Members include outreach workers, health educators, nurses, physicians, policymakers, nutritionists, sanitarians, environmental health specialists, administrators, students, business leaders, and citizens. WSPHA is a diverse community of individuals and organizations with the common goal of improving health and safety in Washington.For more information visit their website at



The Foundation for Healthy Generations provides fiscal sponsorship services to like-minded programs with aligned mission, providing full financial and accounting services, grants and human resource management, and other services and benefits offered through our fiscal sponsorship program. Currently, we are fiscal sponsors of programs of the Washington State Public Health Association (WSPHA), the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition (COPC) and the Healthy Living Collaborative (HLC) of Southwest Washington. We view these relationships as a partnership to progressive social change through collaboration. 


Donations to the Washington State Public Health Association (WSPHA) are allocated for programs that support WSPHA’s educational projects designed to further the mission of improving the health and safety of all people in Washington through leadership & advancement of public health. Upon donating, you will receive a tax donation receipt to keep for your records. 

Want to learn more? Visit or contact Kim Nguyen, for more information.


Donations to the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition (COPC), support a coalition of organizations working on improving our overall environment so that our children live healthy, active lifestyles, support the mission, campaigns, and events of COPC. 

For more information visit, or contact


The Healthy Living Collaborative (HLC) members include health care, public health, social services, education, faith, a tribal nation, housing services, transportation, private enterprise, and more. On the strength of this diverse membership, the HLC mobilizes communities around the key issues, creating a path for local solutions to be actualized by health systems and community organizations working in deliberate and focused partnership with the people who live in our most vulnerable communities.

For more information, contact

Healthy Living Collaborative - 2015 Strategies

The Healthy Living Collaborative (HLC) is constantly focusing on upstream solutions that support community-based initiatives to improve health and wellness. The HLC is committed to strengthening families, neighborhoods, and systems in order to ensure health equity. HLC brings together partners from all sectors, combining resources and ideas, to improve the lives of everyone.

Click on the link to the Healthy Living Collaborative's 2015 Strategy document to see what the policy priorities are for this year. 

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Healthy Living Collaborative 2015 Strategies

COPC Fact Sheet

Learn more about Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition and how to get involved in helping build a healthy generation for Washington state.

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