Community Health Workers

CHWs are frontline workers who help people and communities improve their health. CHWs have trusting relationships with and understanding of the communities they serve, often sharing language and life experiences. They assist people to improve their health while building communities capacity to be healthy.

Developing and deploying a CHW workforce can play a significant role in helping improving health overall by building healthy communities and improving chronic illness care through better integration of care and social supports.

Community Health Worker White Paper: Executive Summary

The time is opportune for Washington State to develop and grow its community health worker (CHW) workforce. CHWs are frontline public health workers who help individuals and communities overcome barriers to health care and health status improvement. They speak the same language and belong to the same culture as the communities they serve. As trusted community members, CHWs leverage peer-to-peer relationships to: (1) create more effective linkages between communities and health care systems, (2) provide health education and information, (3) assist and advocate for underserved individuals to receive appropriate services, (4) provide informal counseling, (5) directly address basic needs, and (6) build community capacity to address health issues.

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Policy Brief: Community Health Workers in Washington State

Community health workers (CHWs) are known by many alternative names, including outreach workers, promotores(as) de salud, patient navigators, community health representatives, community health advisors, as well as other titles. Regardless of their title, CHWs are frontline workers who help individuals to improve their health. The CHW model is founded on natural helping systems within communities and is based on peer-to-peer relationships rather than provider-client relationships.

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