Room One is a health services and advocacy organization based in the remote Methow Valley of Okanogan County. To achieve their vision of a connected community in which all people have the opportunity thrive, Room One employs a three-pronged approach that meets immediate needs and challenges our community to get upstream of health inequities related to intimate partner violence and teen pregnancy. This dynamic approach includes:

  1. direct individual and family services,
  2. prevention education and
  3. advocacy for systems change. Because those most marginalized are at disproportionate risk for poor health outcomes, we position our organization to target the needs and build on the strengths of our most vulnerable community members.

The One-Stop Support Center provides access to unduplicated direct services like health insurance navigators; domestic violence, youth and family advocates; and mental health counseling. Their prevention programming includes teaching healthy relationships and comprehensive sexual health education across the county and implementing support groups for young women in our schools. In their advocacy work, Room One leads and collaborates on community initiatives that fundamentally influence well-being and health equity, such as affordable housing, childcare, disaster recovery, and teen-friendly health services.

As Roome One moves into their 19th year of operation, they are committed to a bold, responsive and strategic vision for a healthy and violence free future in the Methow Valley and beyond.

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