Healthy Gen sees the NEAR Expert Presenter & Coaching certification process as one of the many specializations needed to create comprehensive responses to the social and health issues in our state. Diversity is also very important to us. We recognize that every individual brings with them existing skills, wisdom and experience. 

From application to certification we are working to get to know the members of our NEAR Speakers Bureau and what their greatest strengths are that support moving the needle towards health equity. In doing so we can better support them in highlighting those strengths, providing additional training opportunities to further their development and match them with local partners for providing trainings where they can bring all of their strengths to the table.

Once fully certified, being a NEAR Expert Presenter & Coach also means that these individuals will be qualified to train a new cadre of presenters and speakers on the NEAR material.

The NEAR Speaker members are volunteers in their role as NEAR Expert Presenters & Coaches. Some may be sponsored by an organization while others are not. When these individuals were selected to become part of the NEAR Speaker Bureau we asked them to join our efforts to expand the capacity to share the NEAR science bundle in Washington with the goal of improving life’s and health equity.  

As part of this work we must consider sustainability, we are in this with our neighbors, partners, and colleagues for the full ride.  In acknowledgement of that our NEAR Speakers are not able to create primary revenue ventures from this training. They may accept cost reimbursement and modest honorariums. We are always striving to show our gratitude and deep respect to these individuals for their willingness to take on this arduous valuable undertaking and we welcome you to do so as well!