Creating Enduring Health Equity Awards

In 2016 Healthy Gen was honored to present awards to two of the most inspiring and dedicated health equity leaders of our time, Senator Rosa Franklin and Dr. Maxine Hayes. These two eponymous awards are awarded to those who exemplify each person’s spirt and contributions.

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    A Better Way

    Learn more about our Framework for Community Based Health in this snappy little animaition (we recommend turning on the sound for more details on our approach). Animation and graphics by Lucy Woodworth.



    The Foundation for Healthy Generations provides fiscal sponsorship services to like-minded programs with aligned mission, providing full financial and accounting services, grants and human resource management, and other services and benefits offered through our fiscal sponsorship program. Currently, we are fiscal sponsors of programs of the Washington State Public Health Association (WSPHA), the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition (COPC) and the Healthy Living Collaborative (HLC) of Southwest Washington. We view these relationships as a partnership to progressive social change through collaboration. 


    Donations to the Washington State Public Health Association (WSPHA) are allocated for programs that support WSPHA’s educational projects designed to further the mission of improving the health and safety of all people in Washington through leadership & advancement of public health. Upon donating, you will receive a tax donation receipt to keep for your records. 

    Want to learn more? Visit or contact Kim Nguyen, for more information.


    Donations to the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition (COPC), support a coalition of organizations working on improving our overall environment so that our children live healthy, active lifestyles, support the mission, campaigns, and events of COPC. 

    For more information visit, or contact


    The Healthy Living Collaborative (HLC) members include health care, public health, social services, education, faith, a tribal nation, housing services, transportation, private enterprise, and more. On the strength of this diverse membership, the HLC mobilizes communities around the key issues, creating a path for local solutions to be actualized by health systems and community organizations working in deliberate and focused partnership with the people who live in our most vulnerable communities.

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    Mapping Room

    Mapping Trauma Informed Projects 

    Projects Around Washington State 

    With your help, we are continuing to build a map of projects and programs around the state that are transforming health norms by reducing and addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) or furthering the work of other resilience and trauma-informed practices.  Our special thanks go out to Tory Clarke Henderson at the Washington State Department of Health for contributing some additional data to the original round of data we collected at our Science  of Hope conference in April. We also appreciate all of you who contributed data via our online survey. 

    All of this information is currently in draft form as we collect and curate it for broader sharing. We are intending to formalize the mapping project with its own website later this year to better advocate for this work and facilitate connections and information sharing.  Please keep in mind that this a collaborative work-in-progress.

    You can view the work-in-progress and add your contributions via these links: 

    Mapping Room updated_8-9.xls

    Health Policy News: Prevention and Public Health Fund

    The Prevention and Public Health Fund is a critical source of funding that has been threatened during this year's congressional budget negotiations.

    Referred to as "the Fund," it was created as part of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 but contains non-controversial programs that have been funded by CDC for decades and include vital activities such as the 317 Immunization Grant Program, the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant, and programs to prevent diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

    Creation of the Fund represents the first time in our nation's history that a dedicated source of prevention funding was established to improve the public's health. By law, the Fund must be used "to provide for expanded and sustained national investment in prevention and public health programs to improve health and help restrain the rate of growth in private and public health care costs."

    Since 2010, Washington State has received over $78 million from the Fund to improve the health of our residents. The Fund supports services and programs that allow health to be improved in communities, schools, workplaces and homes by supporting healthier lifestyles and eliminating obstacles to healthy life choices. This funding has enabled public health agencies to forge cross sector partnerships that exponentially expand the reach and effectiveness of prevention efforts, touching the lives of millions of Washingtonians every day.

    For more on what the Prevention and Public Health Fund supports in Washington State, click on for the full Health Policy News You Can Use

    Health Policy News_ Prevention & Public Health Fund (PPHF) May 25, 2016.pdf