Spotlight Award Inaugural Honorees Announced

Collectively identified by the staff at Foundation for Healthy Generations, meet the first five honorees of our annual Spotlight on Health Equity Awards program!

Ijeoma Oluo Writer, speaker and internet yeller. 

Laundry Love Business by day and act of compassion by night.

Margarita Celis Passionate doula supporting women and families.

Marion Lee Creating authentic connections between people and systems.

Nathan Gibbs-Bowling High school teacher and founding member of Teachers United.

Know an individual, organization, or business who is doing work to create enduring health equity?


Spotlight Awards

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our annual Spotlight on Health Equity Awards program! The award recognizes and honors those who are actively creating enduring health equity in Washington State and with a $1000.00 cash prize to be used at the recipient’s discretion – no restrictions or strings attached – as well as a free registration to our annual conference, The Science of HOPE.

The staff here at Foundation for Healthy Generations collectively identified the first five honorees which include a doula, journalist, high school teacher, community health worker and a small business.

We need your help finding the next fifteen awardees. Tell us about the individuals, organizations, and businesses you admire.  Your heroes, the champions that are on the ground removing the barriers to ensure that all people are valued equally and that everyone has the opportunity to attain their highest level of health.  Nominations due by December 12th at noon.

Have a hero in mind? Tell us about them here!

N.E.A.R. Sciences Speakers Bureau

Foundation for Healthy Generations is committed to building awareness of N.E.A.R. sciences. We have expanded this work to include hosting a Speakers Bureau of passionate individuals to increase capacity to disseminate N.E.A.R. education and invite and support powerful partnerships to create enduring health equity.

The Speakers Bureau features ACE Interface education for a cohort of 25 highly motivated individuals, providing an opportunity to further the development of capacity in our state. In the Speakers Bureau we have invested in a group of people who care deeply about health equity and who are working together as educators and coaches to activate, elevate and inform community voice, accelerate its strength through shared learning and N.E.A.R. informed action, and thereby transform community conditions for health.

Members of the N.E.A.R. Speaker Bureau have been trained to present N.E.A.R. science with fidelity and facilitate dialogue informed by and using the N.E.A.R. sciences. These N.E.A.R. Expert Presenters & Coaches use high quality materials that have been approved by content experts, improved through field experience, and proven to be effective with diverse audiences.

We appreciate your interest in the N.E.A.R.Speaker Bureau and helping support awareness, knowledge and application of the N.E.A.R. sciences in Washington. Contact us for more information!

Become a N.E.A.R. Speaker

At this time we are still in the certification period for the first cohort. We will be in dialogue with this first cohort to support design for next cohort in the Fall of 2016.

If you are interested in applying to be a N.E.A.R. Presenter please contact with the following information and we will connect with you when the application period opens:

  1. NAME
  4. SPONSORING ORG (if applicable)


Host a NEAR Sciences Event

Interested in hosting a NEAR educational event? Please contact to be connected with a NEAR Speaker.

Please consider the following questions & submit your responses with your inquiry, if you are unsure of an answer please answer to the best of your ability: 

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. How many participants do you expect?
  3. Where will your event be located?
  4. Is the event solely NEAR focused or will the NEAR education be part of a larger event?  If part of a larger event, what are the other topics being discussed/introducted?
  5. How much time do you have to commit to NEAR education?
  6. What would you like to see happen as a result of hosting this event?
  7. What is your audiences previous NEAR exposure?
  8. Are there specific topics that you are aware of, associated with NEAR, that is important to you to be highlighted or to take a deeper dive into?

NEAR Expert Presenter & Coach Certification Process

Healthy Gen sees the NEAR Expert Presenter & Coaching certification process as one of the many specializations needed to create comprehensive responses to the social and health issues in our state. Diversity is also very important to us. We recognize that every individual brings with them existing skills, wisdom and experience. 

From application to certification we are working to get to know the members of our NEAR Speakers Bureau and what their greatest strengths are that support moving the needle towards health equity. In doing so we can better support them in highlighting those strengths, providing additional training opportunities to further their development and match them with local partners for providing trainings where they can bring all of their strengths to the table.

Once fully certified, being a NEAR Expert Presenter & Coach also means that these individuals will be qualified to train a new cadre of presenters and speakers on the NEAR material.

The NEAR Speaker members are volunteers in their role as NEAR Expert Presenters & Coaches. Some may be sponsored by an organization while others are not. When these individuals were selected to become part of the NEAR Speaker Bureau we asked them to join our efforts to expand the capacity to share the NEAR science bundle in Washington with the goal of improving life’s and health equity.  

As part of this work we must consider sustainability, we are in this with our neighbors, partners, and colleagues for the full ride.  In acknowledgement of that our NEAR Speakers are not able to create primary revenue ventures from this training. They may accept cost reimbursement and modest honorariums. We are always striving to show our gratitude and deep respect to these individuals for their willingness to take on this arduous valuable undertaking and we welcome you to do so as well!