The Healthy Living Collaborative (HLC), believes positive change comes from building multi-sector partnerships that acknowledge the complex drivers of health in the modern world, then authentically connecting that collective impact infrastructure to community quality of life and community wisdom.

The HLC's members include health care, public health, social services, education, faith, a tribal nation, housing services, transportation, private enterprise, and more. On the strength of this diverse membership, the HLC mobilizes our communities around the key issues, creating a path for local solutions to be actualized by health systems and community organizations working in deliberate and focused partnership with the people who live in the most vulnerable communities.

The HLC is built from the ground up to align policy and systems work with community-led initiatives in order to transform partnerships, seeking change into movements that create it. For this there is a three-fold approach:

1. Focus on Community Based Engagement and Prevention
2. Build an Infrastructure for Collective Impact
3. Build Health into All Policies and Services

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