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The Healthy Living Collaborative (HLC), believes positive change comes from building multi-sector partnerships that acknowledge the complex drivers of health in the modern world, then authentically connecting that collective impact infrastructure to community quality of life and community wisdom.

HOPE Happens Newsletter, July 14, 2016

Here at Healthy Gen we continue to find inspiration and hope in the incredible work being done every day, by many of you, to create enduring health equity. As you know, it's not easy work but it's important and critical work if we are to create the just, equitable and healthy world we all want to leave for our children...  

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Governor Inslee to Sign Bill Regulating E-Cig Products

With the new emergence of e-cigarette devices, we have seen children poisoned by the liquids used for e-cigs, and use of the devices on the rise among youth. 

Senate Bill 6328 brings statewide regulation and enforcement to a nearly unregulated e-cigarette market, strengthening protections against the sale of these harmful products to youth. 

ESSB 6328 will also: 

  • Mandate child resistant packaging and prohibit the sale of e-cig products from open display cases where kids can grab them. We know that these liquids are very dangerous to children, even a drop or two can poison a young child!
  • Double the fines for selling tobacco products to minors, the first increase in 23 years and it pays for enforcement, prevention and education.
  • Prohibit vaping in child care centers, elevators, playgrounds, school buses, schools and 500 feet from schools.
  • Healthy Gen is proud to have provided support and coordination to the many advocates working on this issue!

We're absolutely honored to announce that this historic bill was signed by Governor Jay Inslee on 4/19 at the Science of HOPE.

HOPE Happens Newsletter April 7

In this edition of HOPE Happens we explore 'grit,' building healthier communities by learning from Community Health Workers (CHWs), and request your support for mapping Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Resilience initiatives throughout Washington state.

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Healthier Washington convenes first Community Health Worker (CHW) Task Force

Healthier Washington convenes first Community Health Worker (CHW) Task Force, and we are excited to share with you the CHW Task Force Report! This incredible gathering developed actionable policy recommendations for our state to better understand how CHWs play a key role in achieving healthier communities, ensuring health care focuses on the whole person, and improving pay for services.

March 16 HOPE Happens Newsletter

HOPEtivist update! In this edition of HOPE Happens we explore the key to a happy life (spoiler alert: it's relationships!) and we see the incredible work that Sarah Stewart, a senior at Mercer Island High School, is continuing to do in legislature. 

Congratulations HLC Community Health Worker graduates!

On February 23, 2015, after 8 weeks of intensive training with the Multnomah County Capacitation Team, 26 Community Health Workers from the Healthy Living Collaborative of SW Washington celebrated their graduation!

Healthy Living Collaborative - Current State Policy Agenda

Recent Health Policy Support & Success Initiatives
Safe Streets – Speed Reduction
Healthier Next Generation
Invest $500,000 in the Farmers Market Nutrition Program (helps low-income seniors, new moms and young children buy fresh produce directly from 560 Washington farmers through the Farmers Market Nutrition Programs)