We recognize that working and strategizing together is the only way to improve the future health of Washington communities. We offer strategic support in the form of funds and technical expertise to support community based health solutions. True collective action requires technical support and expertise that prioritizes community ownership of the work while being grounded in what is known and what works.  

Our impact is seen in the ACTIVATION of successful and growing collectives such as the Prevention Alliance, The Healthy Living Collaborative of SW Washington and the network of Community Health Advocate CHWs at Tacoma Housing Authority’s Salishan site.

Our impact is seen in the ACCELERATION of the learning of these collectives, of decision makers, of community members and of our own organization as a result of our Applied Learning materials in the form of white papers, studies and data analysis and in the form of the dynamic information flow we facilitate across and amongst all of these. Creating and supporting active feedback looks and rapid learning cycles between community, leading edge science and decision makers is critical to creating enduring change.

Our impact is seen in the TRANSFORMATION of people’s lives and expansion of health and well being of communities and the relationships that are the glue that binds them together and allows them to effectively change their own lives and advocate for the system changes needed to move us, step by step, closer to enduring health equity.