Jason and Amy Snyder, married since 1996, have spent their entire working lives serving in the non-profit world caring for people as well as building small businesses. In 2010, Jason and Amy thought, “What if we could combine a business to raise revenue for the act of caring for people?” That was the genesis of Laundry Love in Vancouver, WA. That year Jason and Amy bought a run down laundromat in a low-income neighborhood, spruced it up, and began recycling the quarters to pay for free wash for families who need economic relief. From that point it grew from one night of free wash and dry a month to every Thursday of every month is free wash and dry. Laundry Love is business by day and the act of compassion by night. A simple laundromat has become a humble place in the middle of a community where people can find a little financial relief and a whole lot of love.