Erin Dziedzic

Principal - Dziedzic Public Affairs

Erin Dziedzic is the principal in Dziedzic Public Affairs firm, a private consulting firm that she launched in early 2013. Prior to starting on her own, she was with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network’s, director of government relations for the state of Washington. She worked as the chief staff lobbyist for ACS CAN managing both state and federal issues from 2006 until 2013. Erin has a background in lobbying, campaigns, and fundraising. She has also worked as a legislative aide in Olympia and ran several successful legislative campaigns.
Erin is Foundation for Healthy Generations contract lobbyist and we are incredibly fortunate to have her working with our organization. Erin provides state level strategic policy advising and lobbying in regards to our desire to maximize reform’s opportunity for reducing health inequities and she also lobbies on behalf of COPC, for which Foundation for Healthy Generations serves as fiscal agent.

Laura Porter

ACE Interface


Laura is an award winning public servant who is best known for directing systemic improvements to the child and family serving system in Washington. For 17 years Laura worked with Washington State officials and community and Tribal leaders to embed ACE Study and related neuroscience and resilience findings into policy, practice and community norms. Laura and her colleagues developed a unique model for improving the capacity of communities to deliver stunning results for a small investment. Communities using the model have documented reductions in the rates of seven major social problems and Adverse Childhood Experience scores among young adults.

Robbi Kay Norman

Principal - Uncommon Solutions

Robbi Kay Norman has spent over 14 years working in public policy. She has assisted in the vision and design of a new approach to integrate public health prevention programs, brought sustainable policy approaches from theory to implementation, and created opportunities for private and public partnerships for supporting prevention in Washington State. She has developed and delivered training curriculum in numerous content areas, with a focus on primary prevention and policy solutions. Robbi Kay was previously an employee of the Washington State Department of Health for almost nine years (1999-2007)and held several positions with the agency, including Legislative Coordinator, Policy and Community Liaison, and Health and Productivity Coordinator. In addition to her work with Foundation for Healthy Generations providing technical assistance to regional public health HUBS and local health jurisdictions, Robbi Kay works with Kathy Burgoyne and Melanie Gillespie on development of a framework for assessing feasibility of expansion of our Community Health Advocate project with new possible public housing authority (PHA) partners. We currently have many PHA’s interested in bringing this program to their residents.  Robbi Kay is currently co-principal of Uncommon Solutions, Inc., a public policy consultant and training firm based in Olympia.

Vic Colman

Director - Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition

Victor Colman earned a BA from Michigan State University and a JD from University of San Francisco. He has worked in the public health field for over 29 years, initially in California, for non-profits and multiple levels of government. Vic was employee of the Washington State Department of Health for almost nine years (1999-2007), holding several positions with the agency, including Legislative Liaison, Policy Director (acting), and Senior Policy Advisor. He has also worked for two large county health departments in the San Francisco Bay Area. His focus is in primary prevention and related policy and systems solutions. He is currently co-principal of Uncommon Solutions, Inc., a public policy consultant firm based in Olympia and serves as the director of the statewide Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition.